How It All Began…

Team-PhotoGrowing up on a flower farm in an area known as the Garden Route in the Western Cape, South Africa, makes living with and choosing natural botanicals second nature. It was here where that my love for everything natural and beautiful was cultivated. Our vibrant botanical designs remind me of the unspoiled wilderness, glistering lakes and miles of sandy beaches. The exquisite delicacy of an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna have been an inspiration to me throughout my life.

More than two decades ago, my career as a Physical Therapist has offered me the priceless opportunity to work and travel in the USA. I was exposed to a new world of breathtaking scenery and plants that never fails to impress those who visit. It was here that I met my husband. My desire to stay home with my children and focus on raising my family was the catalyst for starting our own business.

With a commitment to Mother Earth, our products are all natural or made of recyclable materials. Our fragrance oils are made with essential oils to provide strong, natural scents to be enjoyed in any setting.

I began importing decorative dried fruits and foliages from the Western Cape and soon our products were welcomed into the designs of just about every potpourri manufacturing company in the USA.

Eventually, I was encouraged by customers and friends to design my own “potpourri” line. I wanted to offer a line of products to home décor and gift customers who wanted more than potpourri… a product that was both aesthetically pleasing and delicately fragranced. The response was greater than I could ever have imagined.

A lot has changed since then (we have moved out of the kids’ playroom above the garage and are now operating out of a multisite facility), but we continue to craft each of our products by hand. Our team is our most valuable asset and our mission is to brighten people’s days across the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Thank you so much for joining us on this incredible journey.